Labradorite, Peridot, Tanzanite Trio Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Polished Labradorite with Raw Peridot and Tanzanite Natural Gemstone Trio Ring is 925 Sterling Silver
Our Trio Gemstone Rings wrapped in solid 925 sterling silver celebrates the elegance of a multi-gemstone ring with both polished and raw crystals to appreciate its harmonious beauty. Each gemstone has its own unique character. Comfortable to be worn everyday, it will find a special place in your daily essentials. Wear solo as a statement piece or match with our other rings for a powerful stack-ring effect. 

Labradorite, a stone of magic and the knowledge of the universe, it awakens your inner spirit and intuition. It helps calm an overactive mind to inspire new ideas. It softens the feeling of emotional drain of daily routine and awakens a sense of adventure and change. Wear Labradorite to encourage contemplation and self-observation bringing thought and clarity to dispel illusion.

Peridot is the crystal of warmth and well-being, mentally stimulating and physically regenerating. Wear Peridot to overcome fear, emotional burden, guilt and obsession. It promotes leadership, forgiveness and confidence instilling a new sense of self-worth. It empowers one to take responsibility, make amends and move forward with one's evolution and destiny. 

Tanzanite is the crystal for spiritual exploration bringing protection and safety when linking to higher realms. It is most effective to achieve deep meditation, connecting the heart to the mind, attuning the Heart Chakra to the Third Eye. Tanzanite shields the wearer from worry, teaching one to live with trust, compassion and an open mind. 

Stone Size (approx):
Large Stone - H 20mm x W 10mm
Small Stone - Diameter 6mm - 9mm 
Band: Featuring our broader band for added strength. 
Adjustable: Trio Rings are measured to size but can be slightly adjusted for comfort. 
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