Raw Kunzite Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver

Raw Kunzite Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver
Beautiful, Simple and Raw. Morganite in its unrefined form wrapped in 925 sterling silver is a wonderful way to appreciate its true natural beauty. 
The crystal of devine love, Morganite brings healing, compassion and promise. It cleanses the emotional body of old wounds, stress and anxiety. Morganite inspires awareness that life's challenges serves a higher purpose in our spiritual growth and can be a catalyst for moving forward towards peace and confidence.

Stone Size (necklace loop not included):
A - 26mm x 12mm
B - 26mm x 12mm
C - 22mm x 15mm
D - 27mm x 17mm
E - 25mm x 15mm
F - 27mm x 15mm
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Necklace Chains 925 Sterling silver chains are available for purchase separately here
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