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Cancer Horoscope & Birthstones | Moonstone, Pearl, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire.

Graduation day is coming, Crab, but no need to rent a cap and gown. June—an already bustling month—marks the end of a nearly two-year transformational cycle in the stars for you. Since July 2018, a series of life-changing eclipses have landed on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, triggering seismic shifts to your personal identity and your closest relationships. On June 21, the grand solar eclipse finale of this cycle arrives with a Cancer solar eclipse—one of TWO potent eclipses featured on June’s astro-agenda. Look back: You may notice that your life barely resembles what it did two summers ago.
Eclipses typically speed up the action, bringing events to a sudden turning point or sparking bold new beginnings. But the “extreme makeover” effect of eclipses could come with slowdowns and detours this June. Two planets (Mercury and Neptune) will turn retrograde, joining Venus, Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto, which are already in this reverse position. You may need to navigate a few obstacles or deal with some unfinished business even as you rocket ahead.
All of this is happening against the backdrop of Gemini season as the Sun visits your twelfth house of rest, healing and endings until June 20. Take the first three weeks of the month to wrap up any loose ends. Pace yourself and double down on self-care. It would be all too easy to burn out, especially if you get caught up in the whirlwind of social spaces reopening and quarantines lifting. We get it: You want to make up for lost time! But the stars advise pacing yourself, particularly since your energy levels might be a bit lower with the Sun in this powered-down sphere.
You can’t accomplish every dream at once, Cancer, so how about starting with a plan? On June 5, a Sagittarius lunar (full moon) eclipse sweeps through your sixth house of health, organization and work. Lunar eclipses can bring sudden transitions and turning points. Is it time to put a solid roadmap behind one of your big ideas? Has a part of your life gotten cluttered and complicated? This game-changing eclipse could bring order to chaos—ready or not!
Lunar eclipses famously sweep away things that no longer serve us, making room for the new. This eclipse could also shine a spotlight on fears and anxieties that have been holding you back from living fully. It’s the first in a series that will ripple across the Gemini/Sagittarius continuum between now and December 2021, transforming your wellness, spirituality and sense of responsibility. During this period, you may stop making certain sacrifices or confront deep-rooted patterns that are driving destructive habits.
Here’s the tricky part: Some of those habits might make you look “good” to the outside world by earning you praise or giving you validation. Maybe you take care of everyone, hold down the fort or always come through for people in need. Well, that’s great for THEM, Crab—but how’s that working out for you? If it’s taking a toll on your well-being to be the rock, the eclipses reshuffle your priorities. Anything that has a negative impact on your emotional or physical health, no matter how “noble,” has gotta go.
The Sagittarius lunar eclipse could also spark a creative or spiritual renaissance. One of your abandoned or neglected talents might resurface as a source of inspiration—and possible income—in the second half of 2020. Pick up that guitar or paintbrush. Dust off that half-finished novel. Reboot your meditation and yoga practice. The muse will no longer be ignored!
On June 20, the summer solstice launches the monthlong Cancer season. And this midsummer moment arrives with a bang! The very next day, June 21, the Cancer solar (new moon) eclipse arrives, bringing the aforementioned two-year cycle to a close. You now have a chance to apply all the lessons you’ve learned about yourself and relationships since July 2018. This eclipse falls in your first house of self, and with the fresh-start energy of a new moon behind it, one of your solo projects or independent ideas could be propelled into the spotlight. Consider this a cosmic coming-out party—and exit the confines of that Crabshell!
This is the first of 2020’s TWO rare back-to-back new moons in Cancer. Normally, you only get one new moon in your sign per year—and its effect is like a total reboot. But on July 20, a second Cancer new moon will arrive, offering you an encore moment to bring a personal goal to fruition. It’s manifestation time!
The tricky part of the equation? On June 18, Mercury turns retrograde in YOUR sign, scrambling signals with technology, communication and travel until July 12. Been wavering over whether to officially cancel a vacation? Mercury retrograde could make that decision for you.
If the solar eclipse finds you debuting a project or presenting a new face to the world, do so with an extra dollop of grace and humility. The messenger planet’s backspin through your sign can cause you to be wildly misunderstood—or make your presentation fall flat. That’s the last thing you need after two full years of intense work!
Perhaps it’s best to make this grand debut a “soft launch” instead of a major unveiling. Test the waters first to see how the public responds. Thinking of changing your appearance dramatically, like chopping off a few inches of hair or getting a tattoo? Try a Photoshop-style app to see how it could look before you head for the scissors or ink.
Another reason to pace yourself? On June 23, dreamy Neptune will turn retrograde in Pisces and your ninth house of expansion and risk-taking—an annual five-month transit that will last until November 28. Watch for promises that sound too good to be true. They probably are! Be careful not to take on more than you can humanly handle now either. It’s better to offer less and exceed people’s expectations than the opposite. Neptune’s backspin through your long-distance-travel sector could further stall vacation plans. Although that dream trip to Bali or Brazil may be postponed until further notice, you may decide to revisit a nostalgic spot, perhaps camping or taking a road trip.
But who has time for trekking through the Amazon anyway? From June 27 to January 6, 2021, energizer Mars will blaze through Aries and your tenth house of career for an extended trip, heating up your professional pursuits. Warning: Because Mars can pile on stress, be mindful not to take on too many projects, even if you’re catching up on bills. You could have long hours and short deadlines, so set realistic expectations. Coupled with the logistical challenges of working during the pandemic, you’ll need to be firm about boundaries. You don’t want to collapse from Zoom fatigue before the beaches or pools have a chance to re-open!
And this month it ain’t over till it’s over, Crab. On June 30, expansive Jupiter and potent Pluto will make their second of three rare meetups, uniting in Capricorn and your seventh house of committed relationships. Look back to the first Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on April 4 and to any partnership shakeups—or major leaps forward—that may have occurred then. With both planets retrograde now, you might revisit some unfinished business from the spring. Secrets could come out into the open or you could have a revealing heart-to-heart with someone important.
Once that’s out of the bag, there’s no turning back…but you could also feel liberated by speaking your truth. If you’ve been unsure about someone’s true colors, you’ll get a better view of that hue now. But hang tight because there’s one final Jupiter-Pluto summit on November 12, which will seal the deal or firmly conclude this chapter.