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Power down a little, Taurus. You had a pumped-up, passionate March that got you more hyped than ever. Not only was energizer Mars in Taurus until March 31, but revolutionary Uranus swooshed into your sign on March 6, setting off an explosive seven-year reinvention tour. You've been on fire with all your plans and dreams. But you're also a sensual Taurus, and all this momentum could have you a bit disconnected from your body. Heck, you could probably use a good long nap!
Now's your chance (kind of) to take one. Although Mars is in your money house and pushing you to be productive all month long, there's also a cosmic cluster that's rallying for rest. For starters, the Sun is in Aries and your sleepy twelfth house until April 20, tempting you to hit the pillow instead of the pavement. And that's okay! You've come up with a LOT of ideas and momentum, but you probably need a chance to integrate all of these powerful downloads.
The April 5 new moon in Aries could send your creative right brain into overdrive, so save space between your ears for the muse. You don't want to be so preoccupied with your whirling thoughts that you miss a huge intuitive flash. This new moon may open a powerful portal for spiritual work or an artistic venture, one that could unfold over the next six months between now and the October 13 Aries full moon. You might recognize where you have some healing or forgiveness work to do, perhaps with the guidance of a therapist.
April also kicks off retrograde high season, as Jupiter, Pluto AND Saturn all take a backspin starting this month. Yes, we know—we just got through Mercury retrograde last month (college admission scandals, Facebook outages…enough already, stars!). But these slower-moving outer planets shift into reverse for four to five months out of every year, giving us a chance to rest and digest. In other words, Taurus, this is NOT a bad thing. It's a chance to pace yourself a little and tweak your plans.
The first to turn retrograde is Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck and risk-taking. From April 10 to August 11, Jupiter will back-pedal through Sagittarius and your intimate eighth house, prompting you to reevaluate everything from finances to emotional bonds. Take a look at your closest relationships: Where is there room for growth? Have you moved a little too quickly into trusting someone? Are you burning through money or getting tunnel vision about a project?
Bountiful Jupiter has been in Sagittarius since November 8, 2018, nudging you to take risks with your investments. Maybe you've entered into a joint business venture or a new relationship. Your existing ties have probably deepened as you've started to open up more to a few key people. Jupiter only comes here every 12 years, and it's suddenly got you willing to wear your heart on your sleeve, showing your vulnerability to the public instead of putting on your famous "game face." Between Jupiter and having authentic Uranus in your sign, the world is being treated to a more transparent Taurus! And we like it.
Now, pull back a little to assess: Are your investments paying off? Jupiter's four-month backspin is a smart time to course-correct. You don't want to keep dumping time, money or energy into anything unless you're reassured there will be a payoff. Perhaps you've taken a more empowered stance in your current ties, which might have sent a weak link or two skittering away. Hey, if a whiff of Eau de Self-Loving Taurus doesn't turn 'em on, why would you want them around anyway?
Jupiter is here until December 2, so use this time to clarify which direction you want to take—whether in an intimate relationship, a joint venture or with your long-term financial plans. Your living situation may be top of mind since the eighth house rules real estate and legal matters. Are you ready to buy, sell or refinance? Jupiter retrograde is a smart time to pay down any debt and work with a financial planner. Some Bulls might get divorced or break up while others could renew vows or get engaged. The eighth house rules sex and sexuality. Single Bulls could have a steamy, soulmate-level attraction during this Jupiter phase; for others, this could be a time to look at pregnancy or reproductive and hormone health.
The April 19 Libra full moon, which illuminates your analytical sixth house of health and organization, helps you assess all this with a practical eye. As you're weighing your options during Jupiter retrograde, consider the impact they'll have on your wellbeing and lifestyle. This full moon is also a nudge to get going on your spring fitness plans if they're not underway. This is the rare second Libra full moon in a row; the first was a March 20 supermoon that set the stage for whatever unfolds today. Whether you make a dedicated effort to take ten thousand daily steps and eat clean or you sign up for sunrise boot camp before you have time to think better of it, this lunar lift gets you back in your Lululemons.
The next day, April 20, the Sun leaves your groggy twelfth house and enters Taurus—yay!—waking you up in time for birthday season. If you don't get an instant jolt of inspiration, you will on April 22, when the bold Sun and innovator Uranus make their annual meetup in YOUR sign. Some genius ideas could come through today. You might also have a sudden and (seemingly) impulsive urge to bolt off in a totally new direction. The urge to reinvent some part of your life could send you charging off like a rampaging Bull, but TRY not to be too impulsive in any irreversible way.
Besides, on April 24, deep-diving Pluto will turn retrograde in Capricorn and your ninth house of risk-taking and big-picture visions until October 3. Structured Saturn, also in Capricorn, will follow suit from April 29 to September 18. You may have a heavier work or travel schedule now, or, on the flip side, you might also feel like an airplane that's been grounded, and you could be chomping at the bit to go. Press pause on any risks that feel like a gamble—even the calculated ones—and really think through the impact they could have. For help with a tough decision, try out Suzy Welch's 10/10/10 rule. The gist is to reflect on any option by asking yourself: How might I feel about this in 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years?
With Saturn and Pluto retrograde in this high-minded sector, you could have an experience that tests your faith or makes you question your beliefs. The ninth house is known as the "god house": You may surprise yourself by longing for a spiritual community or turning to a religious practice to feel grounded and guided. (You might also break away from anything that feels like a guru'fied cult during these retrogrades.)
Do you have something to teach—or a desire to return to school? Your work could funnel into an educational or media project. Look for ways you can share your gifts through instructing others in them. If credentials or a degree could help your mission, explore the options. A short summer certification program could boost you into a new bracket or help you position yourself more profitably in your market. If you're considering an entrepreneurial idea, these retrogrades help you get the fundamentals in place. It's worth taking the time to do it right—not that we usually have to tell a Taurus that! But the new Taurus 2.0 is ready for action, so it merits a yellow caution light: Take the time to figure out what you're getting yourself into before you charge in headfirst.