Moonstone Teardrop Solaris Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Solaris Collection - Natural Gemstone Moonstone Teardrop Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

The Solaris Collection Teardrop Moonstone Ring accented with delicate 925 sterling silver sole ray beads is timeless in design and makes it easy to complement your day-to-day casual attire or to elevate your evening dress. Match with our other rings for a powerful multi-ring effect.

Moonstone, the crystal of hope, sensitivity and intuition, it nurtures the soul and guides the heart to receive more love. Known to harness feminine energies, it brings passion and fertility amongst couples. Wear Moonstone to promote self-discovery, it will guide you to journey inward, revealing what was lost to bring truth to ones life.

Stone Size: H 17mm x W 11mm

Band: Featuring our broader band for added strength.